Drug Free Treatment Programs

Long lasting results by treating the problem - not the symptoms.

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Experienced, Licensed, & Board Certified

Technology-based Treatment for Psychological Challenges from a Licensed Psychologist.

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Individualized Treatment Plans

Everyone is different so we craft our treatment programs around the individual.

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Why Choose Us for Your Treatment

We combine state-of-the-art technology with the extensive hands-on experience of a board certified, licensed psychologist who specializes in treating children and adults with ADD/ADHD. We understand how important it is for you to experience a successful treatment outcome, so we have built a practice dedicated to this goal.

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Feedback About Neurofeedback

"Besides the physical training required to operate effectively in a High-G environment, cultivation of the peak performance mind state is crucial. Dr. Silverman has a compelling bandwidth of traditional psychological experience matched with the latest tools targeted toward mental performance. At speeds over 250MPH – just a few hundred feet from the ground – split-second decision making within a foundation of calm is not optional, but imperative. Dr. Silverman has become a foundational component of my flight preparation routine."

Elias Corey
Aerobatic Demonstration Pilot, Suzuki Motor Corporation

"As a Scottsdale Police Officer, it’s imperative to be able to assess situations with clarity and respond quickly without becoming anxious. In my experience working with Dr. Sanford Silverman and NeuroDynamics, my intellectual understanding of focus was different than my application of focus."

Scottsdale SWAT Team